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Sign up via text to:   81010

with the message:    @dcalum

 type your full name when prompted.


monthly rate:  $45                           

rates are locked in - no refunds for cancellations due to inclement weather

Communication is key!

What do I wear?

 Alumni Classes are on Sundays

Adults can benefit greatly from body conditioning, creativity, individuality and performance preparation in a positive atmosphere of learning and connecting socially.  Feel free to share your love of the art form in a place that welcomes you as you are, and motivates you on your passage for self-enhancement. 


Ailments such as:  Mental stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, lack of stamina or bone/joint issues,  make you a candidate for a class that contributes to your health.

REJUVENATE              REPLENISH                 RESTORE                RECHARGE

Become part of an alliance of dance lovers who use creative expression and communicate concepts of life experiences and the world around them through dance.

Please consult your physician prior to joining any dance program.  It's good to layer up:  Leggings and sweatpants.  Also a form fitted top and a shirt with long sleeves for floor work.  We dance in barefeet, but socks for warmth are ok. Bringing a floor mat may be helpful.  And don't forget to bring a bottle of water.

Our texting service is the most efficient way of communication, especially in the case of inclement weather.  Be sure to sign up. 

Sign up via text to: 81010              with the message: @dcalmun         type your full name when prompted.

Please note, adult members who go inactive & fail to notify us are removed from receiving the messages without notification.  

Beginning Thursday March 11, 2021
Please arrive by approx 6pm