5:30pm Tap (ages 10-12 experienced)

6:45 Jazz (ages 10-12 experienced)

7:30 open for an Adult Class


5:30 Ballet (ages 12.5-14 experienced)

6:30 pm Jazz (ages 12.5-14 experienced)

7:30pm Tap (ages 12.5-14 experienced)


5:30pm Ballet (ages 10-12 experienced)

7pm Hip Hop (Teens)


5pm TOTS class - The Red Robins  (ages 2 1/2 and 3)

Our tots classes are a great way to introduce children to dance and performing!  We provide age appropiate lesson plans in a creative environment for learning how to identify, imitate, and perform locomotor tap movements and communicate through imagery, interaction, songs and props.

6pm Hip Hop (ages 10-12)

Last updated:  2/22/2020


Saturday Classes

Our Saturday classes are structured to accommodate the peak performance time of preschool and elementary students.

Saturday 10 am - The Purple Crayons         (age 3 1/2 - 4 1/2)                                   Our tap class for preschoolers is a recommended class for kids at this age.  Movement patterns, dance vocabulary and classroom songs with props are a success with the children as they develop the skills of tapping, singing and performing on cue.  Their language skills are developed by singing verses of various songs, with a fun tumbling time for gross motor development at the end of class!

Saturday 11 am tap The Bluebirds          (ages 5-6)   

These students progress through formal and informal expressive qualities learned in the classroom.  Utilizing the classroom as a space to share, identify, replicate and learning the language of tap dance is important at this stage, as well as making a space to nurture the creative play that every young child explores as a method of their own individual capabilities.  while identifying and performing phrases that incorporate specific body parts and directional changes provide an enjoyable experience for these little tap dancers!

Saturday 12:15pm ABC Hip Hop              (ages 6.5-7) 

Welcome to the party where physical education meets rhythm!                      

Hip-hop kids in this class apply locomotor patterns of body parts that help them develop performance skills through movement variations, improvisation, props, and a hot beat! This kid-friendly class makes learning movements of the streets an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. 

Saturday 1:15pm tap The Peppermint Party!   (ages 6.5-7)                                  This age group is ready to make their creative space come alive through sounds, shapes, partnering, and vibrant energy..  In this class they develop a personal sense of the tap sounds they create while responding to sensory stimuli to repeat movement patterns and dance phrases.  
Saturday 2:15pm - Krunk Hip Hop                    (ages 8-9)                                 Identifying and Matching isolated movements to music serves the purpose of body awareness in a creative space that encourages kids to playfully mix the familiar ideas with the new ideas.  They're taught how movement displays different emotions and messages while growing in a sense of group development.

Saturday 3:15 pm tap The Bojangles Click      (ages 8.5-9)                               Making distinctions of different classic tap dance steps/phrases and applying several dance elements while manipulating their feet to produce clear sounds individually and in unison is important at this age.  You'll watch their personalities become visible as they develop comfort in their display of tap combinations that range in themes and music styles.