Saturday Classes at The Dance Camp!

Saturday 2:15pm Ballet (ages 8 and older)
Classic, and timeless work that "polishes" any dancer.   Ballet students are taught the protocols of the classroom as it pertains to the purpose and use of the ballet barre, order of movement phrases, and how to position themselves to apply and perform with correct usage of their bodies.  Ballet is a requirement for students who wish to perform in additional dance works (solos, duets, ensemble, etc)


Saturday 12:30pm - Jazz Mini's   (ages 7.5-9) 

Welcome to the party where physical education meets rhythm!                      

Jazz dance at this age brings social interaction with the outrageous energy that kids have.  They kick, jump, split and turn to music they love in this class and develop the foundation they need to become longterm dancers in any environment.   Locomotor patterns of body parts, and excercises of flexibility that help them as they learn movement variations, improvisational skills that can be used in any dance class! 


Saturday 11:30am tap - The Timestep Crew (ages 7.5-10)

This age group is ready to make their creative space come alive through the rhythmic sounds they create with their feet! Learning universal tap steps like time steps, maxi fords, and drawbacks are key in their development of a dance genre that entertains audiences of all ages!



Saturday 10am - Combo Kids! (ages 6/7) 

Saturday mornings begin with this bunch and we put them to work! This is a combination class to give students experience with tap dance (black patent shoes necessary) and Jazz dance (barefeet) 

The classroom is their space to share, identify, replicate and learning the language of tap dance and use the space to work with different music styles while creating sounds with their feet.  During the Jazz dance section of the class, they will thrive in active movements of kicks, jumps, leaps, splits, turns and movement phrases to their favorite artists that keep them learning, creating and equipped for performing.

nurture the creative play that every young child explores as a method of their own individual capabilities.  Children at this age learn to identify and use performing phrases, and incorporate specific body parts and directional changes to prepare for public performances!


Females need a black leotard, pink tights and jazz dance girls need solid black leggings.

Male students need a white Tshirt  solid black sweat pants.