tuition and fees


Private Rental

Registration fees are non-refundable

Individual registration $25

Family $35 first child, $15 each sibling

Need a quick rehearsal space?  Do you have an event and need a space in a familiar location? 

Maybe our 1,100 square ft space can accommodate your needs, Give us a call at 716-881-5474!

Tuition 2020-2022

Tuition for all classes are based on a monthly rate and cannot be adjusted due to inclement weather.  Rates are as follows:

1 hour/week - $47/mo                    2 hrs/week - $74/mo                      3 hrs/week - $98/mo                      4 hrs/week - $120/mo                    5 hrs/week - $140/mo                    6 hrs/week - $160/mo                    7 hrs/week - $180/mo 

accounts are assessed a $10 late fee if not paid by the 10th of the month

Performance Fee

each registered performing student is given a complimentary ticket for the annual studio showcase

Studio performance fees cover the costs associated with our annual studio showcase.  Each registered performing student will receive a studio Tshirt, along with one DVD per family of the annual showcase.  Performance fees are as follows:

$70 individual                                                  ($35 deposit in November, $35 balance in May)

$120 family                                                      ($60 deposit in November, $60 balance in May)


Costume Fee

Costumes for the annual showcase are $70 per costume with the required deposit of $35 due in November and the $35 balance per costume is due in February.

Performance Spotlights!

Solo $300

Duet $200 per dancer

Trio $150 per dancer

Spotlight performers   must be ballet students