Monday 5pm Contemporary Jazz for teens (ages 12 and up)

Teens need a comfortable space to creatively develop their skills in dance while developing healthy friendships that can last a lifetime.  The emphasis is self-expression, and exploration through different songs and movement styles while learning technique to help them perform with confidence!


Monday 6:15pm Tap &  7:15pm Jazz classes for ages 12 and up (experience necessary)

Tuesday 5:30pm Peppermint Party ages 6/6.5 Please see our Tot's & Preschoolers page for the class description

Wednesday 6:30pm Ballet for teens (experience necessary)

Thursday 5pm Tots class ages 3 & 4 - Please see our Tots & Preschoolers page for the class description

Thursday 6:15pm "Tapmania" ages 11-13 (some experience helpful) Crazy combinations & tap steps can be seen in this group. In this class the student learn how to make distinctions of different classic tap steps/phrases to produce clear sounds individually and in unison is important at this age. Their personalities become visible as they develop their performance skills in this class.

Thursday 7:15pm "Jazz 2.0" ages 11-13 (some experience helpful)  Identifying and Matching isolated movements to music serves the purpose of body awareness in a creative space that encourages kids to playfully mix the familiar ideas with the new ideas. They're taught how movement displays different emotions and messages while growing in a sense of group development.

Tuesday 6:30pm Intermediate Jazz and Contemporary (experience necessary)

Wednesday 5:30pm Preschool Buddies ages 4.5/5- Please see our Please see our Tot's & Preschoolers page for the class description